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General Booking Info      Terms & Conditions

The Eagle Bay Community Hall is located at 32 Fern Road, Eagle Bay and looks out onto the Eagle Bay beach. It is located only 50 metres from the beach.  The hall has a capacity for a maximum of 80 people.

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 The Hall is managed by the
Eagle Bay Community Hall Association Inc. (EBCHA) and is available for public hire.

Due to the halls location in a residential area any events at the hall must finish by 10.00pm at night and this is a condition of any hall rental.

Booking enquiries can be made by completing the Online Booking Enquiry Form.

 Bookings will be confirmed by phone or email ONLY after the Online Booking Enquiry Form provided on this website has been received by the Hall Manager.  Please do not assume that your booking is confirmed following an enquiry.

 Follow up enquiries after submission of the Booking Enquiry Form can be directed to Kristine Inkster

Email: kristine@arbortech.com.au


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Bookings & Hire Fee Conditions

1.                  Regular bookings will take precedence over once-off events.

2.                  Bookings will only be accepted for 35 year olds or older (children’s birthdays under 12 years excepted).

3.                  Bookings are confirmed once the signed Booking Form is returned and a 30% deposit is paid.

4.                  The deposit is refundable for a cancelation providing notice of the cancelation is provided at least one month before the event.

5.                  Total amount for Hall Hire and Bond Fee is to be paid in full one month prior to the event.

Bond Fee

A Bond is charged to ensure that the hall is left clean and tidy or to replace broken equipment.

Cleaning Fee

A cleaning fee of $120 will be charged for all large events and parties. The hall renter will however still be required to do a general clean-up before vacating the hall. 

Payment Methods:

Payment can be made online using the following account details: 

ANZ Bank – BSB: 016-580 / Account No:  4770 46583.  Please ensure deposit online is clearly identifiable by quoting Invoice No.


by cheque to EBCHA Inc. P O Box 1101 Dunsborough  W A  6281


1.                  A hall key will be provided

2.                  Key needs to be returned to Hall Manager on completion of rental

3.                  Lost key must be reported to Hall Manager

4.                  Lost key will incur a $100 charge taken from the Bond.

Hall Capacity

The hall (including the external veranda area) has a maximum capacity for 80 people.

Activity Noise

 Live/loud music must stop by 9.30 p.m. and the hall vacated by 10.00pm. Please respect our neighbors.

Kitchen – Permitted Uses

It should be noted that the hall kitchen is not registered as a commercial kitchen and has limitations for catering purposes. Please refer to Clause 10 of the “Terms and Conditions of Hall Rentals” for details.

Hall Cleaning

The Hall is cleaned and toilet supplies are filled weekly however on completion of the rental the Hirer needs to:

·         Sweep and mop all floors

·         Wipe clean table tops and if necessary soiled chairs

·         Check toilets and remove rubbish and clean.

Kitchen Cleaning

It is recommended that the Hirer supply their own tea towels, rubbish bags and cleaning products. On completion of the rental the Hirer needs to:

·           Wipe clean all kitchen bench tops and the hot plate.

·         Fridges should be wiped clean.

·         The microwave and oven should be wiped clean.

·         Wash all dishes and glasses and return to their rightful place.

·         Sweep and mop kitchen floor.


Hot Water -  Power switch for hot water to the kitchen sink  is located in the cupboard  under the sink.  Please turn “off” when you are finished.

Rubbish and Recyclables

The hall is checked by a volunteer after events, however the Hirer needs to:

·         Empty kitchen rubbish bins and toilet rubbish bins into the green lid wheelie rubbish bins and yellow lid recycle wheelie bin, as appropriate. (The green lid wheelie bins are located in the car park and the yellow lid recycle wheelie bin in the locked “Ambulant” toilet outside the entry door at the end of the hall opposite the kitchen end)

·         Cardboard boxes need to be collapsed before putting into the recycle bin.

·         Recyclables especially wine/beer/soft drink bottles should go into the recycle wheelie bin – if there is an excess and they do not fit into the recycle bin, the hirer must remove them from the premises.  The recycle bin is only emptied fortnightly.

Note – The hall is managed and kept tidy by unpaid volunteers. Please consider this when cleaning up after your events.


Hall Emergency Information

These numbers are local EBCHA committee members who assist with the hall management.   They are all volunteers hence please respect their privacy by contacting them after hours ONLY if there is a real problem at the hall which prevents you using the hall.

·         Call 1st      Peter Van Rossum – Mobile 0423 479 557 

·         Call 2nd     Julia Clarke – Mobile 0439 933 054 

Dunsborough Police Station:                   9781 3030

Western Power Electricity Faults           13 13 51

Hirer Feedback on Completion of Hall Hire

We believe that honesty is the best policy so please let the Hall Manager know of any damage or breakages that happen during your rental period.


If you have any feedback regarding the hall or its facilities please feel free to forward these to the Hall Manager at email address kristine@arbortech.com.au. 

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The following Terms and Conditions are to be signed by the Hirer/Applicant prior to rental of the hall

 The Hirer/Applicant agrees and confirms the following 

1.       The Hirer and authorized signatory have read these Terms and Conditions of hire and agree to them.   If the Hirer is not an incorporated body, the authorized signatory will be solely responsible for paying the fees and charges and will be bound by these Terms & Conditions.


2.       The Hirer shall ensure and be solely responsible for ensuring that the hall is used only for the purpose declared by the Hirer on the Booking Enquiry Form and that the maximum capacity of the hall is 80 people and that this number shall not be exceeded. The Hirer may be denied access to the hall should EBCHA become aware of an intention for using it for any purpose other than that declared.


3.       The Hirer agrees to pay the Eagle Bay Community Hall Association Inc. (EBCHA) the quoted rental fees, charges and bonds. All bonds shall be retained by EBCHA and returned only when the Hall is left clean and tidy to the satisfaction of the Hall Manager.  A cleaning fee will be deducted from the bond if the Hall is not left in a clean and tidy condition to the satisfaction of the Hall Manager.


4.       Cleaning by the Hirer, on completion of the event, shall include not only the Hall, but all amenities associated with the Hall, such as kitchen and toilets and including the immediate surroundings, together with the removal from the premises of refuse.  Tables and chairs to be stacked and placed against the wall, as located prior to the rental.


5.       The Hirer must not affix bills, posters, signs, decorations, bunting or draping in any way which defaces , damages or marks the building or premises.  Nails, screws and similar fastenings are expressly prohibited.  No twine, fishing line, etc. may be attached to any light fitting or ceiling fans.


6.       Damage and Repairs:  The hirer will be responsible for any expense in connection with repairs for damage, breakages or loss of equipment and improper use of safety equipment and/or extra cleaning which may become necessary due to damage or other causes during the period of the rental


EBCHA  reserves the right to determine the cost of any damages and/or extra cleaning necessary, above and outside what is normally expected following usage of the venue.  EBCHA reserves the right to retain all or part of the bond to meet such costs as necessary, and/or to bill a hirer for additional costs if the bond does not cover damage caused.


7.       Prohibited Substances:  The hirer is not permitted to take into or use, or allow to be taken into or use, the following substances within the venue and grounds:

·         Any type of firework or explosive substance

·         Any toxic or dangerous chemical

·         Any illegal substance


8.     The Hirer agrees to abide by the following conditions and pay all expenses caused by any default hereunder:

        i)             Not to alter any fixtures or design of the Hall.

ii)            At the expiration of hire to remove from the hall any items of equipment the Hirer has brought into the hall during the rental period.

iii)          Not to leave any electric lights, appliances or leave taps running in the Hall (Leave kitchen fridges “ON”).

iv)           To ensure that all hall equipment and furniture is returned to correct locations (as at the time of access to the hall) and the Hall is securely locked before leaving, including windows and doors.

v)            To remove all rubbish from the hall and adjacent areas and to dispose of appropriately. This includes the removal of all cigarette butts and broken glass from the limestone paved area in front of the hall.

vi)           Inside the hall is a NO SMOKING area and the Hirer agrees to ensure compliance of this condition on all guests attending an event.

vii)         All furniture provided under the hall rental shall only be used within the hall or on the hall veranda area. Hall furniture shall not be relocated or used outside of the hall and veranda areas and shall not be relocated to the beach for any purpose.


9         Animals are not permitted in the Hall, unless it is a Guide Dog, or personal assistance dog.  Please do not bring any animals to the Hall or use any of the Hall’s facilities to care for or house an animal.


10      The kitchen facilities at the hall are only suitable for the serving of light refreshments (i.e. the likes of tea and coffee, etc) and the reheating/warming of pre-prepared foods (i.e. pastries, quiches, finger foods and the likes). The facilities are not suitable, nor registered, as a commercial kitchen where food for public consumption can be prepared.
If the Hirer intends to have a catered event at the hall, where food will be prepared and served, then the caterer will need to make application to the City of Busselton, Health and Environment Department, for a specific “Event Permit”.  (The City of Busselton can be contacted on 08 9781 0444.).


11     The Hirer shall seek the prior consent of the City of Busselton if it wishes to sell alcohol at a function at the hall and ensure the appropriate license is obtained for the sale of alcohol.  (Please note that it is deemed to be the sale of liquor when liquor is given away and the person has paid for admission to the premises or for seating in the premises or has been asked to make a donation of money by collection or otherwise) and that the Rules and Regulations, as provided by the Liquor Licensing Act (1988), are adhered to.


12     A condition of rental of the hall requires that amplified music must stop at 9.30 p.m. and the hall vacated by 10 p.m.  The Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 state that the person emitting the noise is the person committing the offence therefore any group or individual who hires the hall carries the responsibilities in relation to these Regulations.  If the general public has issues, their first point of call is the Police.  The Police have power to turn off music or confiscate equipment.


13      It is an express condition of this Contract of Hire that EBCHA and City of Busselton shall not accept any liability for any damage, illness or injury caused or found to be caused to any person or property as a result of the Hirer’s event at the hall.


14     Casual Hirers must provide their own Public Liability Insurance as relevant as EBCHA does not carry Public Liability insurance for specific rental events.


15     The Hirer agrees to indemnify, and keep indemnified EBCHA from and against all actions, claims, costs proceedings, suits and demands whatsoever made against EBCHA for third party property damage/loss or injury, illness or death sustained by any person arising from the Hirer’s event at the hall.


15.  Equipment Included/Available for use         


        Two ovens and one hob                                   Two dishwashers

        Two Fridges                                                         One Microwave

        One Urn                                                                 One Electric Kettle

Selection of crockery, cutlery & glasses       One rubbish and one recycle wheelie bin


Main Hall:

                12 Rectangular fold-up tables                        100 Indoor/Outdoor Chairs

                1 Chair Trolley                                                    1 Barbeque and 1 Gas bottle

                1 Music System & Cabinet                                60 inch Television screen with data input capability


Should the Hirer wish to provide (or externally hirer) their own chairs and tables for their event and require the halls standard furniture removed, then an additional charge will apply.




What to do in an Emergency (e.g. fire, etc):

Do not delay calling “000” and advising the operator of the nature of the emergency and the emergency services required.  Building location is Lot 48 Fern Road, Eagle Bay, behind the Fire Shed.  There is no Street Number displayed.


Fire Escapes

These are located at each end of the Hall and marked with an “EXIT” sign which remains on even if power goes out.  No items shall be placed in front of fire exits or obstruct clear access to the fire exits.


If you have to evacuate the building, prevent panic but have everyone exit quickly and orderly via the nearest fire escape.  NEVER allow people to re-enter the building to retrieve property, no matter how valuable.  Have everyone assemble at a safe distance from the hall in the car park area to ensure all are accounted for.


Electrical Blackout

First check that circuit breakers are not tripped (in switchboard in indoor toilet/powder room adjacent to the kitchen area) If tripped, then try to reset them.  To check if it is an area power fault or to report the fault call Western Power on 13 13 51








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Eagle Bay Community Hall Association Inc, PO Box 1101, Dunsborough, Western Australia 6281